Packing list
Below is a list of items that we suggest all campers pack to have a more enjoyable time here at Camp Mt. Pleasant, but there are also some things we do not recommend they bring because they can hinder the spirit of camp. Please read through these lists and provide these items for your campers.

What to Bring

Bibles, any version

Pen/pencil and paper

Bedding and pillow (sheets and blanket or sleeping bag)

Personal toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc.)

Towels and wash cloths

Swimsuits ( t-shirt must be worn w/2-piece suits)

Beachrobe for girls

Something to sleep in

Clothes (we suggest not sending anything you may not want soiled or lost)

Jacket or raincoat

Canteen/Snack money ($30 limit)

2 sets of clothes that can get muddy

Laundry bag

fishing equipment (optional)

What NOT to Bring

iPods, iPads, mp3 player, or cd player

Cell phones


Inappropriate clothing (too revealing or bad messages)

Electronic games


Paintball/airsoft guns


If any of these items are brought to camp, they must be turned in at registration and will be returned at the end of camp. For safety, these are not allowed in the dorms.

Tobacco, drugs, alcohol, etc. are not allowed or tolerated at camp.

Other Information

Please bring any medication that your camper needs, such as inhalers, allergy medication, etc...


Please do not bring anything that would take away from the "spirit" of camp. 


Please see our dress code for clothing questions before contacting the camp or directors.


If there are any questions please see our contact page